About WombatDialer 

 WombatDialer can work on predefined call lists or can dynamically create them over an API. It shares the load on one or more PBX servers and has a flexible rescheduling logic to handle missed calls. It is built to be used with your existing Asterisk PBX and does not require separate servers or a separate set of lines. It can call over VoIP or through the public telephone network.
WombatDialer is built to integrate with your business processes, can receive calls to be made over HTTP and/or notify an external system in real-time of calls made and results gathered. It works natively with the QueueMetrics Call-Center Monitoring Suite in order to produce state-of-the-art campaign analysis and insight.

Características de WombatDialer:

  • Works with your existing Asterisk PBX
  • Easy, automated installation
  • High scalability: from one to hundreds of outbound lines on multiple servers
  • Runs multiple prioritized campaigns in parallel
  • Pervasive security model with extensive auditing capabilities
  • Programmable handling of calls that do not complete
  • Easy to integrate through its HTTP API
  • Strong real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Runs locally - you do not have to depend on third-party services